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Crowdfunding for the amazing boardgame Medioevo Universalis

Hello everyone,
first of all i want to give you the link to the website for the crowdfunding for the amazing boardgame Medioevo Universalis

A great epic strategic game playable up to 9 players with hundreds of army miniatures, lots of tokens, cards and a great strategy which mixes war, diplomacy and civilization elements.

We are very proud to introduce to you the project for the realization of the game Medioevo Universalis by Nicola Iannone.

Medioevo Universalis is perhaps one of the biggest board games ever. Surely, it is one of the most playtested games in the history of board games, having been first conceived way back in 1988. The game is for 3-5 players, expandable up to 9 players, and lasts about 2-5 hours.

Il prototipo originale di Nicola Iannone del gioco Medioevo Universalis

Players will lead one of the great medieval kingdoms of the 13th century by developing an intricate commercial network, advancing its technology, and weaving diplomatic relations with the other players. A number of possible adverse events can occur: natural disasters, and barbarians that will hinder military conquests or the creation of an empire.

Here what you can find in the deluxe box:

Contenuto della versione deluxe di Medioevo Universalis

The Standard version of Medioevo Universalis, which is available with the Eremita reward, doesn’t contain miniatures and metal coins. But there are the following additional elements:

100 tiles Infantry
50 tiles Archer
100 tiles Heavy Infantry
50 tiles Knight
40 tiles Barbarian Infantry
20 tiles Barbarian Archer
15 tiles War wagon/War wagon 2nd level
10 tiles War wagon 3rd level
15 tiles Caravan/Caravan 2nd level
10 tiles Caravan 3rd level
18 tiles Galea/Galea 2nd level
12 tiles Galea 3rd level
18 tiles Condottiero/Condottiero 2nd level
12 tiles Condottiero 3rd level
15 tiles Mercantile/Mercantile 2nd level
10 tiles Mercantile 3rd level
50 tiles coin 1 florin
25 tiles coin 10 florins
25 tiles coin 50 florins
25 tiles coin 100 florins
50 tiles coin 500 florins


During the 13th century A.D., the Middle Ages were slowly coming to an end. The Pope and the Empire, the two universal powers that dominated the previous centuries, were breaking apart. Municipalities were arising in Italy and, with the founding of the first universities, they were serving as centers for the spreading of knowledge, while the Maritime Republics were thriving to the detriment of the old Byzantine Empire.

To the south and the east the Arab potentates and the barbarian hordes were pressing against Christian strongholds. Spain, Anatolia and the Sarmatian steppes were lands in dispute, while the Holy Land was being devastated by the Crusaders, who were coming from all over Europe in defense of the Holy Sepulcher. Meanwhile a terrible new threat arrived from the east: the Mongols!

Medioevo Universalis example 3

After the darkest centuries following the fall of Roman Empire, science and technology were beginning to flourish again. Society was rapidly changing, as cities revived and gained autonomy, while the feudal system was beginning to crumble. Businesses gradually became more powerful, while monarchies were evolving into national states.

In this age of religious wars and struggle for survival, you have the opportunity to lead one of the great Kingdoms of the time while taking control over many aspects, such as trade, diplomacy, infrastructure development, technological progress and military strategy.

You can build forts and fortifications, expand cultivable lands, discover new technologies, protect your caravan and your convoy, fill your treasury with gold from the major cities on the continent, repel the barbarians who are pressing on the frontiers, search shelter from bad events and disasters, recruit armies and fleets, forge alliances, use your spies to infiltrate other kingdoms, prepare to expand your kingdom, declare war as you deem opportune, exploit the land, defeat your enemies in battle … and most of all … plant your banner in new territories.

Medioevo Universalis, italy

You can gain Honor in many ways: trading, holding diplomatic ties, winning battles and organizing intrigues. At the end of the game, the player with the highest number of Honor Points wins, and the others are forced to become his vassals. Alternatively, the game can end abruptly, if a player’s Kingdom expands to the point that it acquires all of its territorial objectives.

Medioevo Universalis is an epic war management game for 3-5 players. Highlights of the game include a game board that reproduces a detailed map of the time, hundreds of army units, a plethora of cards and tokens, strategy on several levels, and the integration of elements of war, diplomacy, and technology. The author, Nicola Iannone, was able to blend in an original way the characteristics of a traditional wargame with those of an intelligent board game, paying particular attention to the historical aspects.

Armed conflict is the heart of the game, as well as one of the ways to achieve victory. Unlike other games, Medioevo Universalis is not the classic game where luck is king. Thanks to truly innovative mechanics of conflict resolution, you can appropriately plan the outcome of a battle, which takes into account the numbers and types of troops, the use of siege weapons and fortifications, as well as many other factors.

Gain absolute power!


Medioevo Universalis is a management game set in the middle of 13th century which develops in the following decades.

The map shows Europe, North Africa and part of the Middle East; it is divided in land and sea parts and features the most important cities, rivers and different kinds of terrain that influence the movement and the number of inhabitants.

Each player begins with the same conditions and a Kingdom of 7 territories; the remaining territories are occupied by barbarian armies.

The players have a player board which resumes all the basic information as well as the game turn sequence; the card decks are in certain colors to ease the identification of the different cards and the combos between different decks.

The aim of the game is to acquire as many HP (Honor Points) as possible, which you can gain or lose during the game through the main game strategies: Trade, Technological evolution, Diplomacy and Combat.

Trade: the player can choose to trade 8 different goods, using land and sea transport. You will empower merchants or ask for loans; and with the earned florins, build and/or expand cities, forts, churches, siege machines, transportation and more. Taxes and the spoils of war obtained by defeating the barbarians’ commanders provide further wealth.

Technological evolution: 38 technologies, divided into 6 families and arranged on 4 levels, allow the player to improve transportation, strengthen the attack and defense, raise taxes, change the nature of the population of the territories, and defend himself against disasters.

Diplomacy: diplomatic options allow you to create alliances and engage in betrayals with the other players … twists abound at every turn!

Combat: land and naval battles, sieges, raids and destruction, mercenary armies, Greek fire and more allow the player to pursue a military policy of expansion toward the creation of an empire.

Characters: a deck of cards consisting of Empire characters that the player can customize to gain new powers and possibilities.

Many other aspects enliven the game: random events that affect areas of land and sea, the barbarian armies reacting to attacks and fighting back, calamities – very rare, catastrophic events that can disrupt the game if players do not possess the right technologies to mitigate their effects – the pope who seeks to control Christian players and to organize crusades, threatening excommunication for those who do not follow!

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